The Daddy Manifesto

Most of the Fathers we see on TV and in films are buffoonish, childish oafs who need as much supervision and help from the mothers of their children as the children themselves. The bar is set really low, but should it be?

For those of us who want to make the journey from being a Father, the guy who orgasmically provided some sperm, to being a Daddy, the loving man who is serious about being the best Dad he can be, there isn’t really much out there to help.

There are countless websites and blogs by Mothers and for Mothers, but the most I’ve ever been able to find about fatherhood are single articles on websites supposedly dedicated to ‘manly’ or ‘gentlemanly’ things. Apparently, western culture doesn’t value Daddys very highly. We only warrant one article amongst the dozens on getting ‘rock hard’ abs, sex techniques and cars.

This isn’t right. Nobody’s going to get to the end of their life and think “Man, I wish I’d been a worse Dad and instead had awesome abs/known all the best sex techniques/known as much about cars as Jeremy Clarkson.” Our culture has some things arse-forward, and the mindset about fatherhood is one of them.

I believe that being a good Daddy and husband is the height of manliness, and the most gentlemanly thing a man can do is earn the right to be called ‘Daddy’ by their adoring kids.

So let’s change our culture. Let’s be good Dads.


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